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Welcome to the St. Louis Ki Aikido           

Would you like to feel more peaceful and relaxed? Want to learn martial art techniques that specifically help you maintain a relaxed calmness in daily life?

Ki Aikido is a vigorous, fun and mentally engaging activity that can increase and maintain physical fitness!

Experience St Louis Ki Aikido today!

St Louis Ki Aikido is a nonprofit educational organization. We seek to improve the ability of individuals to respond to stress and conflict positively and creatively, with calmness and relaxation. We bring people together to study Mind/Body Oneness through training in Ki-Aikido and Dynamic Meditation (Ki Development). We provide a structured curriculum, qualified instructors, tools for measuring individual progress, a principal facility for training, and outreach programs in the community.

Practicing Mind/Body Oneness enables persons of all abilities and ages to live healthier, more integrated lives. When we remain relaxed we can respond with inner calm, reducing fear and violence in our personal relationships, communities, and the world.


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"The Midland Ki Federation Chief Instructor, Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei (8th Dan and Okuden in Ki Development), is our primary agent for instructor training, and for our connection to Ki Aikido Headquarters (Shinshin Toitsu Aikidokai)."

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