Fees: Aikido Program - Main School

As needed, sliding scale fees for those training in Ki and Aikido due to financial need ... Check with the instructor of your class.

Adult Ki-Aikido Adult tuition & membership includes Ki Aikido regional
and international membership.

Adult Aikido Start-up Special
$120 for 3 months unlimited classes plus annual membership
Membership is $75 per year

Type Monthly Tuition Description
$70 for 1 month*
$195 for 3 months
$360 for 6 months
$660 for 12 months
Includes unlimited Aikido & Dynamic Meditation classes
Dynamic Meditation Free for SLKA Aikido students at no additional charge. For non-aikido students wishing to practice only meditative and mind and body unification training (without the martial art), see Fees for the Dynamic Meditation program below Includes weekly Monday night classes


A $10 per month discount on monthly tuition is available for full time students and for multiple individuals from the same household. A household is defined as two or more people, who concurrently attend classes, consider themselves a household and either live at the same address or are blood relatives.

Teens (ages 15 - 17)
$50/ month; $40 / month household Rate; $105 / 3 months prepaid
1 or 2 adult classes per week at any regular adult class. $55 Annual membership

Kids (ages 4 - 14) $80 per session; $70 per session Household Rate $140 for
two sessions prepaid

Family Tuition Rate $160 per month
This is probably the best rate for more than 4 people from the same household.
Annual Membership for teens and adults is not included in this amount.

Fees: Dynamic Meditation Program

Ki Aikido Members: $20 per month (Annual Membership is $75)
Non-members: $30 per month
Includes weekly classes.